UNi4 Online focuses on delivering relevant in-demand skills training and online programs that enable proficient students to enter the marketplace & upskill in their current professions and to be valuable contributors and assets in the African economy.

Online Program Management (OPMs) companies help universities build, recruit for and deliver online programs. Generally, OPMs have provided the capital to build and operate the program and share in the revenue it generates over time. There has recently been a shift in the approach to remuneration to more of a fee-for-service model.

In partnership with highly ranked UK university Partners, LCIBS delivers a UK University learning experience in African countries, through the use of live broadcast lectures.

UNi4 is a technology company, pioneering the future of higher education through the use of design thinking and innovative technologies. Obliterating boundaries and disrupting the higher education status quo – we are transforming education as we know it. Our experts in education technology and visionary entrepreneurial disruptors are delivering world-class education platforms and experiences.
Bystander or Disruptor?
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